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Jimmy Schmidt
Chef, Food Researcher & Inventor

Celebrated chef, restaurateur, food scientist and innovator Jimmy Schmidt draws inspiration from the bounty of the American Larder and its local environs to create the contemporary American cuisine at his signature restaurants overtime, principally in Detroit and Palm Springs. Sourcing the best local products grown and raised responsibly, he focuses on traditional cooking methods – such as open grilling, slow roasting, braising, pickling and curing – to create deliciously intricate yet simple, rustic dishes, that areas nutritional sound as tastefully stimulating.


Respect, Taste & Nutrition..
“My simple inspiration is to preserve and enhance the natural beauty of the bounty of nature. Seasonal ingredients captured at their peak of flavor and nutrition, in contrasting and accentuating collisions of flavors inspire the senses to nourish both mind and body and engrave warm memories for years to come. We are what we eat, may reflect more than mere physical properties alone. The simultaneous energizing of all our senses of vision, smell, tough, hearing, taste and umami may be a direct path to our soul and inner well being. Cooking applies my unique perspective of nature’s flavor, biological and nutritional components to elevate the taste and align the nutrition to a delicious nourishing harmony.” – Jimmy Schmidt


Life is a Journey…
Jimmy was born and raised in the farm lands of Central Illinois, introduced into the wild bounty of the region by his parents by foraging through country forests, wetlands and even railroad sidings. Wild vegetables, tree nuts and bountiful game enriched the family diet and implanted a love for seasonal food deep into his soul… Continue reading Jimmy’s full biography.


Honored Travels…
Jimmy garnered national acclaim when he opened Rattlesnake Club restaurants in Denver and in Detroit, which now celebrates almost 30 years as an award-winning Midwest dining destination. He has received numerous awards and accolades throughout his successful career, including three prestigious James Beard Award for Best Chef Midwest, Great American Chefs of 1987, Who’s Who of American Cooking 1984, Wine Spectator’s Award of Excellence, Nations Restaurant News’ Fine Dining Hall of Fame and Gourmet Magazine’s America’s Top Tables and Esquire Magazine Best New Restaurants.  Read more about the awards won, restaurants, and restaurant concepts throughout Jimmy’s culinary career.












James Beard Foundation Gala, Morgans in the Desert, December 2015
Read more about Jimmy’s involvement with the James Beard Foundation


Chefs Collaborative…
A Pioneer in America’s culinary movement towards sustainable cooking and farm-to-table dining, Schmidt founded Chefs Collaborative in 1991, the nation’s leading nonprofit chefs organization devoted to fostering a sustainable food system.  Continue reading more about  Jimmy’s involvement with the Chefs Collaborative.


FoodShed Exchange…

Jimmy went on to start the FoodShed Exchange to compliment the artisan farmer, fisher, forager, to the sustaining chef.

***Read more – Connect to FSX page = video / link OR (FSX video on this page?)


Journey as an Author…

Jimmy’s search for knowledge led to collecting food harvest data, to anticipate and capture food at its peak of flavor and nutrition. His early writings were just a personal collection of the flow of beautiful seasonal ingredients which initiated his first book, “A Cook for All Seasons” and weekly seasonal food articles published in over 200 newspapers.  As all seasoned chefs, Jimmy continuously is creating new food recipes and writing articles related to the culinary experience in America.


Curiosity is the path to learning…

As a chef, Jimmy was always searching for taste, and for the knowledge to improve taste. This journey led him from the regimented kitchen back to nature, for what we consider flavor is developed simultaneously with nutritional elements. Following the cycles of the season unleashed a continuous bounty of nature to explore.

Beyond taste we eat for nourishment, and not all that has taste has nourishment. What and how our bodies can process these complex components, how they interact, carrying distinct pH and isoelectric charges is amazing, especially when mixed together! Once the foods that we think taste good are in our bodies the even more complex biome takes over to process into friendly nutrients and combatant autoimmune foes.

Continue reading for more information regarding Jimmy’s research, sports nutrition, and product development.


Helping Feed and Nourish the World…
As a cook, Jimmy’s goal has been to nourish the world through direct support of food charities as well as founding and supporting culinary foundations to improve the world we live in.  Continue reading for a deeper understanding of Jimmy’s involvement with various culinary and charitable foundations .